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Concert 2024

Concert Rehearsal: May 13th & May 14th | 4 - 9pm

Concert Performance: May 18th & 19th

Location: Cheney University 


Click on the Buttons below to find your Student(s) Dance Class

for their Rehearsal Night!










Click on the Buttons below to find your

performance schedule (listed in no particular order)!

HOME SHOW: is the performance that your dancer(s) will be performing ALL of their dances. That is the show for which you buy your tickets! 

GUEST Star: These are the shows that your dancer(s) will be performing ONLY the designated dances on the grid. It is a cameo performance...come, dance and leave. No opening number and no tickets (unless you want to buy a ticket to watch the show and there are extra tickets available).

**EXTRA TICKETS will be on sale after a certain date that is currently TBD**

SPLIT Family: This means that your dancer(s) were not able to be scheduled in the same performances. 


Saturday, 5/18  2:00 pm

Saturday, 5/18  6:00 pm

Sunday 5/19 2:00 pm

Sunday, 5/19 6:00 pm

Please consult that schedule and write YOUR Recital performances on your calendar. Some classes are in more than 1 show so LOOK carefully! 
PLACE:  The Marian Anderson  Auditorium at Cheyney University, 1837 University Circle, Cheyney, PA 19319
MANDATORY REHEARSAL: Parents can stay and watch  - No videos allowed! - Wear your regular dance class attire to rehearsal.
REHEARSAL DATES: May 13 & May 14 
You will rehearse either May 13 or May 14. The rehearsal date for your class will be posted above: TBA

TIMES: All dancers arrive as close to 4:00 as possible for their rehearsal.
· Dismissal will be staggered.  As soon as your dancer is finished working all their dances, they can leave. Young dancers will be dismissed first.
    The entire rehearsal will not go longer than 9:00
·    You can bring water bottles and snacks to be eaten OUT OF THE THEATER
PARENTS: It is your responsibility to go on the website and determine when your child’s (children) classes are rehearsing and when they are performing when that is posted.


 A participation fee is required for each family.  This is due April 15. This fee entitles your child or children to be a part of the production. Please put this deadline on your calendars. Mounting a major production like this requires timely deadlines to make everything work smoothly.

The Participation Fee is per family:

  •  1 child per family- $134 on Venmo; Cash/check DISCOUNT -$130

  •  2 children per family - $159 on Venmo;   Cash/check DISCOUNT - $155

  • 3 or more children per family - $185 on Venmo; Cash/check DISCOUNT $180 


COSTUMES: (Click Here) Dancers will wear their Dance uniform and in some cases, the Concert Tee Shirt . Class instructor will inform students.

TICKETS: This year, we’re working again with a company called TutuTix to make it easy for you to purchase reserved Concert tickets on-line.  We've worked to iron out the wrinkles from last year.

Tickets will go “on-sale” at on Thursday, April 18 @ 10:00am EDT
Ticket prices are: $12.00 per person + $1.60 handling fee.
Tickets are sold only in blocks of 7.
NOTE: You will need a credit or debit card to buy tickets. Tickets are first-come, first-served. Buy your Advanced tickets early to get preferred seats!

ADVANCED TICKET PROCEDURE: (To purchase your block of 7 tickets)
·          All seats are RESERVED and tickets must be purchased on the TUTUTIX website: This link takes you to the Carmela’s Dance Studio page at TuTuTix.
·         YOUR TUTUTIX CODE is the email address attached to the CDS ticket email you received.
Use all lower case. 
Only this email address will work for you on the TuTuTix website.

How To Purchase:


  1. On the TuTuTix website there is a list of the performances to choose from.

  2.  Know the date and time of your family’s HOME  performance. ( listed on the website)

  3. Click on the name of the production. The seating chart with the rows and seat numbers will come up.

  4. You are required to purchase a block of 7 tickets. 

  5. Click on one of your preferred seats to take you to the next page.

  6. A larger image comes up.

Ø  blue dots represent unsold seats.
Ø  green check marks are sold seats.  

   7. Click on the blue dots to choose your seats.  The Section, Row, Seat number & Price will appear below the image (all tickets are $12 + $1.60 handling fee).

   8. If you want to change your choice of seats at this point, you can click on the red  X  at the right of the line, and start the choice process again.

  1. ·         To purchase your tickets, click the small green button on the bottom left that says ADD TICKETS

  2. ·         A list of the tickets you chose is on the next page.

  3. ·         Your total cost for the tickets is on the bottom right.

  4. ·         Choose your delivery method: free when they are emailed; $4.50 for the embossed keepsake version that will be mailed.

  5. ·         From there, it’s the normal credit card check out.

       PROBLEMS? Call 855-222-2TIX (2849) and select option 1

General seating tickets will go on sale on the same web page on Wednesday, May 1 at 10am EDT.  You can purchase as many extras as you want, also $12.00 + TuTu Tix Fee of $1.60.  The ticket code procedure for additional tickets will be announced at a later date.

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