Recital 2020

There are 3 payments for the 2020 Recital: 


1. The COSTUME DEPOSIT is $65 per class is due on October 31st

  • Pay by check or cash in the Tuition Box. 

  • PayPal for Costume Deposit is available on the FEES. The PayPal payment is $67.25 (PayPal's fee is included in this price).

2. The 2nd payment: COSTUME BALANCE. It's what's left on the Costume payment.   I'll let you know about a month before it's due.

3. The third payment is the RECITAL FEE: You'll be notified about 6 weeks before that is due.

Recital Location:  Marian Anderson Theater, Cheyney University 

Recital Rehearsal: May 12 & May 14  

MANDATORY REHEARSAL: (Wear your regular dance class attire to the rehearsal) 

Your class will be scheduled for 1 rehearsal in the theater on 1 of the following dates:.

TIME: Starting at 5 PM. 

Recital Performance: May 16 & May 17

NOTE: Both dates will have afternoon and evening performances. Most classes will dance in only 1 performance. See below.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The date and specific times you will rehearse and perform will be posted as soon as it is ready.  Most classes will perform in only 1 show. Upper levels may be invited to dance in 3, 4 or 5 performances.  Your teacher will tell you if you are to do more than one performance.


PARENTS: When you are notified by an email that the schedule is posted on the website, it is your responsibility to go on the website and determine when your dancer(s) classes are rehearsing and when you are performing. I will do my best to schedule all family groups for the same performance, but as this is an impossible task, we ask your cooperation and understanding in this matter.  We program the class numbers in a professional manner so the production is enjoyable and entertaining!

COSTUMES: If you have not sent in your $65 per class, DO IT NOW!  

COSTUME BALANCES: Balances will be due on March 1. We will email you what the amount of your balance is on each costume. 



PARTICIPATION FEE: A participation fee is required for each family.  This is due the week of March 19. This fee entitles your child to be a part of the production and entitles you to a specific amount of tickets. This amount of tickets is still to be determined.  We will let you know how many tickets you will get as soon as we can.  Please put this deadline on your calendars. Mounting a major production like this requires timely deadlines to make everything work smoothly.


The Participation Fee is per family:

1 class per family- $160

2 classes per family - $180

3 or more classes per family - $200


TICKETS: will be distributed at rehearsal. NO TICKETS WILL BE GIVEN TO ANYONE UNLESS ALL FEES ARE PAID.  The seats are not assigned. It's first come, first served. In the Marian Anderson Theater every seat is wonderful.


PHOTOS: Class and individual pictures will be taken April 25 & 26. Pictures are not obligatory.  Each class will be scheduled and allotted 15 minutes for photos and 10 minutes for dressing. We will let you know by email when the photo appointment list is on the website.

  •  Make-up and hair for the photos is to be completely done at home.   

  • Carry your costume to the studio in a wardrobe bag with your name on it. 

  • You will change from your street clothes to your costume at the studio and 

  • then change back to your street clothes to leave. 

  • There will be forms available at the Studio and on the day of the shoot.

The Recital is an amazing, memorable life event for your child.  Everyone at Carmela’s Dance Studio is dedicated to making it that way.  Your cooperation is essential for us to do our jobs.



       Miss Carmela


PS.  Class attendance is very important for the dance education of your child, for the practice of the technique, and for the commitment to the teacher, themselves and their class.  We have spaced the recital costs throughout the year so the expenses are not too much all at once.  If you keep current with your tuition payments you won’t get hit too hard at any one time.


Costume deposit - NOW

Costume balance and up to date tuition: March 1

Participation fee: March 19

Picture Days: April 25 & 26

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