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The Concert 2021 Fee is as follows:

  • 1 class = $90 for the fee and $20.00 for the shirt

  • 2 classes= $115 for the fee and $20.00 for EACH shirt. The shirts are part of every student's costume so every student must buy a shirt. 

    • So if your 2 classes are taken by the same student you need only 1 shirt at $20. Total $135 ($115 Fee + 1 shirt) 

    • If your 2 classes are taken by siblings, they each need a shirt. So your fee is $115 PLUS 2 SHIRTS at $20 each. Total $155 ($115 Fee + 2 shirts)

  • 3 or more classes= $140 for the fee and $20 for EACH shirt. You could need 1 shirt, 2 shirts, 3 shirts or more. PLease read the directions for 2 classes which is above.  That will explain it for you.

The Concert Fee and shirt payments are due April 17.


Please pay by cash or check and notate on the check the fee amount and the shirt amount. For example: Fee $140; 3 shirts $60. There is no Paypal nor credit card payments for this fee.



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Hello CDS Parents!   


Here is the ACTUAL procedure of Dance Class for this year.....


*ALL parents and guardians sign a release form that explains the risks of COVID 19.


*ALL Students and teachers enter and dance with their masks on! I would prefer that in the months of Sept and one wear a coat or bring ANY personal belongings. I suggest they wear their ballet slippers inside sliders and then they can slip them on after class. Carry 2nd shoes (Taps, sneakers etc) in a dance bag which I will assign a specific spot for them to be placed every week.


*ALL temperatures will be taken. Anyone with a temp higher than 99.9 will be sent home for the day.


*ALL hands will be sanitized before/after class.


*ALL students will be dancing on Socially Distanced stickers already placed on the dance floors in both studios.


If the teacher chooses to Barre work, she will sanitize the barres before and after the class.

If the teacher chooses to do Center Progressions, it will be 1 dancer at a time with the following dancer 6 ' behind her.


I have purchased spray disinfectant tanks, which will be used after every class on the floors, the walls, the barres, the bathrooms, the dressing rooms. I have also purchased spray sanitizers for the gym mats which will be sprayed after every Acro class.


*ALL  doors, doorknobs, hooks, speakers and knobs will be sanitized.


*ALL hands will be sanitized as they exit the building.


We MUST remember that dance is an awesome art and...IT IS FUN!!!!


Thanks and Love to you all!


Miss Carmela


Have a wonderful & safe Spring

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